Expert Grading Services for Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan

Prepare your Toledo property with Green Earth's professional grading services. Whether you're dreaming of a beautiful landscape or preparing for a major construction project, our team delivers the expertise and equipment to create smooth, functional surfaces.

Land Clearing and Grading

Land Clearing and Grading

Yard Grading and Leveling

Yard Grading and Leveling

Leveling Ground at Construction Site

Leveling Ground at Construction Site

Yard Landscaping and Grading

Yard Landscaping and Grading

The Importance of Professional Grading

Proper grading is more than just aesthetics. It prevents water damage by ensuring optimal drainage away from your home or building's foundation. A well-graded property not only looks fantastic, it adds value and protects your investment. Additionally, strategic grading is essential for erosion control, safeguarding your land from the damaging effects of water flow.

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Grading Gravel on Commercial Construction Site

Grading Gravel on Commercial Construction Site

Commercial Grading Service on Construction Site

Commercial Grading Service on Construction Site

We Mine It. We Haul It. We Grade It.

Our Grading Solutions.

Green Earth offers comprehensive grading services for both residential and commercial projects in the greater Toledo area. We specialize in:

  • Residential Grading: We create the perfect foundation for your outdoor oasis, expertly leveling areas for lawns, patios, walkways, and driveways.
  • Commercial Grading: From large-scale construction sites to parking lots, we prepare surfaces for lasting stability and functionality.
  • Fill Dirt/Sand Grading: We ensure proper material placement and compaction for strong foundations.
  • Topsoil Grading: Achieve lush landscapes with precision topsoil grading for optimal plant growth.
  • Stone Grading: Durable and attractive stone grading creates stunning driveways and parking areas.
Bulk Fill Dirt & Grading

Bulk Fill Dirt & Grading

Projects done: Erosion Control and Grading in Northwest Ohio

Green Earth was contacted by a homeowner who needed information and pricing on getting clean fill dirt and bulk topsoil delivered and graded at their residence in Oak Harbor, Ohio near the Toussaint Creek off of Lake Erie.

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Why Choose Green Earth?

We don't just move dirt; we understand the importance of precision and quality workmanship. Our own Ohio sand pit gives us a competitive edge, ensuring reliable material supply and cost savings for you. With specialized equipment and a team dedicated to excellence, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Plus, our local knowledge means we understand the unique needs of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan landscapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Land Grading

1. When do I Need Land Grading?

If water is not draining away from your home, plan to lay new sod or seed. If you are building a structure, creating new landscape elements, or have slopes, you will want to smooth out.

2. What Are the Benefits of Grading?

Improve drainage to prevent flooding and structural damage to your home; create a more aesthetically pleasing yard; prepare for decks, patios, and driveways; and create a seamless transition from new to current sod.

3. How Does Grading Improve Drainage?

Proper grading creates subtle slopes directing water away from buildings, preventing pooling that can damage foundations, landscaping, and create erosion issues.

4. Can You Grade My Sloping Yard?

Absolutely! We specialize in transforming uneven terrain into usable outdoor spaces. Whether you want a level lawn or terraced gardens, our grading expertise can make it happen.

5. How Do You Grade for a Driveway or Parking Lot?

Driveway and parking lot grading requires precision for both smooth driving and water runoff. We use specialized equipment to create the proper base, then top it with durable stone for a long-lasting surface.

6. Do You Offer Grading Services for Existing Properties?

Definitely. Whether you're fixing drainage issues, creating new features, or renovating an overgrown yard, our team has the skills and equipment to revitalize existing landscapes.

7. How Do I Get Started With a Grading Estimate?

Simply contact us! We offer free consultations to discuss your project, assess your property, and provide a customized estimate for our grading services.