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What is Silt Sock?

Silt Sock, also known as Fiber Roll, Sediment, Barrier, Silt Snake, Compost Sock, Compost Filter Sock, Filter Sock, Silt Worm, or even Straw Wattle; is a low-tech erosion control option for trapping sediments that are harmful, along with preventing soil erosion in a wide range of environments. Different from erosion control blankets and matting, Silt Sock tubing is filled with organic materials that are able to compost while effectively trapping sediments, pollutants, and runoffs, protecting vulnerable areas of land. Inclines, construction sites, river banks, shores, drains, and streams are all able to be protected from sediments, pollutants, and runoffs with Silt Sock. Silt Sock is easily adjusted and sized on jobsites to fit a wide range of areas. Silt Sock does not require any trenching, making them more desirable for time of installation and leaving the soil undisturbed during installation or removal.

You may have seen Silt Sock on many different local construction sites, new home builds, or landscape jobs. Silt Sock comes in a large variety of colors there is green silt sock, black silt sock, orange silt sock, and blue silt sock. Silt Sock is applied in many different ways within many different types of jobsites. Continue reading below to see the benefits of silt sock and applications.

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Our Silt Sock Options

SiltSoxx® - Filtrexx

SiltSoxx® is the original silt sock BMP. Easily installed for a variety of construction applications, SiltSoxx® compost filter sock reduces the labor cost required for installation and maintenance, while delivering optimal performance.

Diamond Sock® - MKB Stormwater Innovation

Diamond Sock® is MKB's premium quality silt sock. Their pre-filled netting is custom made to our brand specifications and exceeds regulatory standards - it’s not “off the shelf” netting. Filled with composed rough-cut Hardwood Mulch.

Silt Sock Benefits

Cost Effective
Save money on time, labor, and equipment. Easy use and low maintenance.
Lays on the ground with out equipment use . Shapeable; fit to site. Only stake on steep inclines and ditch check applications.
Approved for interruption, perimeter control, inlet protection, and ditch check.
Water flows at a regulated rate while retaining sediment to improve water quality.
Better Access
Easy to move around and low to the ground, allowing easier access to the work area.

Green Earth Materials Stocks Silt Sock

  • Filtrexx SiltSoxx® in 5", 8" & 12"
  • MKB Diamond Sock® in 8" and 12"

About Tensile Strength:

What is tensile strength?
Tensile strength is the amount of force needed to break a material when stretching it apart.
How is tensile strength measured?
Tensile strength is measured in units of pounds per square inch (cross sectional area). In the case when the material is very thin, like film and fabric, tensile strength is measured in pounds only.
Why is tensile strength important?
Poor tensile strength can lead to compost filter sock mesh rupturing or even completely falling apart when removed from a pallet, moved from one location to another, during the installation process, or even once storm water flow contacts the product. MD affects the filling, palletizing, and installation process of compost filter sock. TD affects the filling process and maintenance after installation of compost filter sock

Siltsoxx Applications