Straw Blankets

What are Straw Blankets?

Straw Blankets are a biodegradable temporary erosion control measure limiting erosion and protecting slopes. Straw Blankets are made from agricultural straw fibers. Straw fibers are made into blanket form and stitched to a single net on top or netting on top and bottom. Straw fibers shall be of consistent thickness and evenly distributed throughout the blanket. A variety of netting types are available to meet specific job site requirements. Straw Blankets are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas including protected parks and wetlands. Specifically Straw Blankets protect loose grass seed and topsoil during germination, revegetation, and root growth periods.

Typical Straw Blanket Applications

  • Highway slopes and embankments
  • Utility Right-of-Ways
  • Golf course finishing
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial construction sites
  • Nature Preserves
  • Soil Reinforcement Projects
  • Pond Banks
  • Soil Rehabilitation

Green Earth Materials Stocks Straw Blankets

We keep on hand single and double net straw blankets at our sales yard location. Ready for you to come pick up and install on your jobsite.

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Single vs Double Erosion Net

Single Net vs Double Net

Single Net Straw Blankets are made of 100% straw fiber sewn with photodegradable thread to a light, photodegradable polypropylene top net. The Straw Blankets with a single net are designed for protection on medium inclines (3:1-4:1) and low flow channels and have a longevity of up to one year.

Double Net Straw Blankets are made up of 100% straw fiber, same as the single, sewn with photodegradable thread between lightweight photodegradable polypropylene top and bottom nets. The Double Net Straw Blanket construction allows for greater structural integrity than a Single Net Straw Blanket. Double Net are great for use on steeper inclines (2:1-3:1) and moderate flow channels and has longevity of up to one year.

Straw Blankets Installed

Straw Blankets on Steep Incline

Straw Blankets on Steep Incline

Straw Blanket Soil Protection in Parking Lot

Straw Blanket Soil Protection in Parking Lot

Straw Blanket on Slope with Plants

Straw Blanket on Slope with Plants

Straw Blankets Around Pond Bank

Straw Blankets Around Pond Bank

Erosion Control Products

Erosion Control Products are consistently being used more within the construction industry. As we become more aware of the damage construction can do to other areas, unintentionally. The requirements for these products are starting to increase and the technology is developing as well. Many Erosion Control products are able to biodegrade by on a timeline. Lasting for only the length of a job and biodegrading shortly afterwards. You may often see them on the side of the road protecting drainage, new home builds, roadwork, freshly graded hills and slopes, and most other construction sites. They range in their capabilities and uses but are generally used to protect our water and surrounding areas to the construction sites, stopping large amounts of water, debris, and other pollutants. There are many different types of erosion control products and many variations of each of those products.

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