Straw Blanket on Slope with Plants

Straw Blanket on Slope with Plants

Fight Back Against Erosion with Green Earth Transportation's Straw Erosion Control Blankets

Does your landscaping project face the threat of soil erosion? Here at Green Earth of Toledo, we understand the importance of protecting your valuable land. That's why we offer a premium selection of straw erosion control blankets, designed to effectively combat soil loss and promote healthy vegetation growth.

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Stop Soil Erosion in its Tracks!

Nature's Powerful Solution for Landscape Erosion Control

Our straw erosion control blankets are crafted from 100% natural straw, a biodegradable and environmentally friendly material. The dense network of straw fibers within the blanket slows water flow velocity, reducing the risk of surface erosion caused by wind, rain, and irrigation. This allows for optimal seed germination and establishment of vegetation, ultimately stabilizing your soil and preventing future problems.

The Green Earth Transportation Advantage

We offer a variety of straw erosion control blankets to suit the specific needs of your project in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Our blankets are:

  • Durable: Made with high-quality, long-fiber straw for extended performance.
  • Easy to Install: Lightweight and readily adaptable to uneven terrain.
  • Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable and decompose naturally over time, leaving no harmful residues.
  • Cost-Effective: A practical and affordable solution for erosion control.
Erosion Control Matting

Erosion Control Matting

Straw Blankets Around Pond Bank

Straw Blankets Around Pond Bank

Straw Blanket Soil Protection in Parking Lot

Straw Blanket Soil Protection in Parking Lot

Beyond Erosion Protection

Straw erosion control blankets offer additional benefits beyond soil stabilization. They:

  • Suppress Weed Growth: The dense straw layer helps suppress unwanted weeds, promoting healthy grass establishment.
  • Maintain Soil Moisture: By reducing water runoff, straw blankets help retain soil moisture, benefiting newly planted vegetation.
  • Improve Aesthetics: Straw blankets create a visually appealing natural barrier, enhancing the overall look of your landscape project.


AEC Premier Straw® - Suggested Specifications

Typical Applications

  • Highway slopes and embankments
  • Utility Right-of-Ways

The Product in Detail

AEC Premier Straw® erosion control blankets are designed to provide temporary protection for grass seed and topsoil during the germination and progressive revegetation and root system development stages.

The straw blankets, as manufactured by American Excelsior Company, shall be made from the finest quality agricultural straw fibers available. Straw fibers shall be made into blanket form and stitched to a single net on top or netting on top and bottom. AEC Premier Straw® fibers shall be of consistent thickness and evenly distributed throughout the blanket. A variety of netting types are available to meet specific job site requirements.

Weight : 0.27 kg/m² | 0.50 lb/yd²

Roll Dimensions:

  • 2.4 m x 34.3 m (83.6 m²) | 8.0 ft x 112.5 ft (100 yd²)
  • 4.9 m x 34.3 m (167.2 m²) | 16.0 ft x 112.5 ft (200 yd²)

Weight is based on a dry fiber weight basis at time of manufacture. Baseline moisture content of AEC Premier Straw® fibers is 15%

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Single vs Double Erosion Net

Single vs Double Erosion Net

Single Net vs Double Erosion Control Net

Single Net Straw Blankets are made of 100% straw fiber sewn with photodegradable thread to a light, photodegradable polypropylene top net. The Straw Blankets with a single net are designed for protection on medium inclines (3:1-4:1) and low flow channels and have a longevity of up to one year.

Double Net Straw Blankets are made up of 100% straw fiber, same as the single, sewn with photodegradable thread between lightweight photodegradable polypropylene top and bottom nets. The Double Net Straw Blanket construction allows for greater structural integrity than a Single Net Straw Blanket. Double Net are great for use on steeper inclines (2:1-3:1) and moderate flow channels and has longevity of up to one year.

Anchoring Staples and Pins

Used to hold down landscape fabric and erosion blankets.


Top Staples

6" Round Top Staples (1000/Box)


Sod Staples

Pro-Trade 6" Sod Staple Round Top 100/Bag

Protect your soil, promote healthy vegetation, and beautify your landscape – all with the power of nature. Choose Green Earth Transportation's straw erosion control mats today!

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We keep on hand single and double net straw blankets at our sales yard location. Ready for you to come pick up and install on your jobsite.

We are also able to deliver Straw Blankets to your jobsite all across Ohio.

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Straw Blankets Installed

Straw Blankets on Steep Incline

Straw Blankets on Steep Incline

Straw Blanket Soil Protection in Parking Lot

Straw Blanket Soil Protection in Parking Lot

Straw Blanket on Slope with Plants

Straw Blanket on Slope with Plants

Straw Blankets Around Pond Bank

Straw Blankets Around Pond Bank

Erosion Control Products of Green Earth, Toledo

  • Combat soil erosion & promote healthy vegetation with our premium straw erosion control blankets. Eco-friendly, durable & easy to install.
  • Shop now & protect your land!