Bioretention Soil

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Bioretention Area

Bioretention Area

Bioretention Soil

Green Earth has Bioretention Soil for sale in the NW Ohio and SE Michigan regions. Sold both in bulk and per yard for pickup or delivery, our blend of bioretention soil will meet your specific needs. This type of soil is used for areas called Bioretention Areas (sometimes referred to as Rain Gardens). Storm water runoff has become an increasing environmental concern. Bioretention soil mix is a soil medium for bioretention basins and swales which help remove contaminants from storm water runoff as required in many areas today.

Bioretention areas are carefully planned and designed to allow ponded water and include an overflow inlet to prevent flooding during high amounts of rain. Referring to the attached diagram, Green Earth stocks both gravel and rock, as well as the bioretention soil that acts as a filter to remove pollutants before they contaminate the surrounding environment.

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Bioretention Soil

Customized soil blending to meet your specifications.

Bioretention Soil

Customized Blending of Bioretention Soil

Green Earth specializes in blending bioretention soil to meet your specifications. If you are looking for high percolation rates to prevent surface ponding, large capacity to sequester pollutants, or support for the growth of plant populations, we can custom blend soil to meet your needs.

What is Bioretention Soil?

Green Earth blends and creates each batch of bioretention soil per the customer’s needs and requests. A typical batch of the bio soil is composed of 40% sand, 20-30% topsoil, and 30-40% compost. After a consultation of your needs, that blend may be adjusted based on the drainage and makeup of the preexisting area.

How is Bioretention Soil Made?

Bio Soil is made from our premium topsoil harvested from the native soil found at our own pit located in the Oak Openings region. Once harvested, the dirt is processed, pulverizing the naturally found roots and some native plants. The mixing process breaks down clumps and pockets of dense nutrients, evenly spreading the rich ingredients throughout the finished product. This mixed material is then proportioned and combined with our nutrient dense leaf compost and yellow sand. Located in NW Ohio, our processing centers create the unique batches per customer request.

How Can I Get Bioretention Soil?

Green Earth provides both Delivery and Pick-up. Both retail and contractors are welcome to stop by our sales yard located in Holland, OH to browse the available products, speak to a sales representative, make their selection, and drive away with their desired stone product on the same day. Additionally, Green Earth provides delivery to a large circumference of nearby towns/cities. Browse the list below of Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan. If you don’t see the area that you are looking for for delivery, give us a call. We are always looking to go the extra mile for our customers.

Areas That We Service – Ohio

Areas That We Service – Michigan


At Green Earth Materials, we are happy to work with you to find the right solution to your project and needs. Our friendly staff are experienced in delivery, installation, and grading. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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